Have you provided IT consulting services to other companies and now want to start your own MSP business? Have you perhaps already started? Would you like to start but don’t know where?  Are you having trouble getting your first customers? Or have you reached some kind of low point after a kickstart? There are 100 different ways to attract new customers. In this article we will show you some of the ways you can do it easily right now!


The activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job.

It’s undeniable that a strong professional network can have a tremendous impact on your career success. Networking helps you advance and improve your skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry and the job market.

Additionally, it helps you advance your career and gives you access to more job opportunities. Growing your connections can open doors to new business opportunities, career advancement and personal development. Exchanging ideas, sharing information, and providing advice and support on challenges, experiences, and goals is a key benefit of networking, as it can help you gain new insights you might not have otherwise thought of. Sharing discussion of common challenges and opportunities opens the door to valuable suggestions and advice. As you network more, you’ll grow and learn to form lasting relationships. For as long as you have a strong network of professional contacts, you can be sure that someone around you will be able to answer even your toughest questions. If there’s no definitive answer, you’ll have a solid sounding board to bounce ideas off of and put into action step-by-step plans to tackle bigger problems.

As important as networking is in all areas of life, it is even more important for your entrepreneurial venture. In the following article, we will show you how best to get started and grow your business using examples and our own experience


Word of mouth marketing abstract concept vector illustration. Word of mouth advertising, recommendations strategy, social media influencer, referral sales, brand loyalty abstract metaphor.

The greatest opportunity to attract MSP customers is to leverage your existing customer base. It costs nothing to ask for recommendations, and the success rate is high. Consumers trust their friends. For this reason, word of mouth is the most valuable marketing source. According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over advertising – this figure alone underpins the benefits of word of mouth.

Word of mouth doesn’t stop after just one interaction, either. One person tells another, and that person in turn tells another, who then continues the chain and spreads the word. This makes word of mouth a great tool for getting the word out – if used well. Even if you’re new to the MSP game, you probably already have an IT background and contacts in the IT industry. Don’t be afraid to ask your contacts for referrals!


Networking and marketing will not happen overnight. Go to local events and meet people, get involved in the local chamber of commerce, join local organizations, attend events or conferences for the industry you want to support. Make yourself available with your website set up SEO, set up a sales/contact form on your website, have a sales hotline separate from your helpdesk, that people can call and be connected to immediately for sales inquiries. Go out into the community and introduce yourself and your business, try to find connections (including to those you already know or through someone who knows someone). Community creates trust and trust drives sales! 

Try to stay in people’s minds as much as possible. If you succeed, you will be the first person people think of when a problem arises or when there are issues with the previous arrangement.


The various social media platforms are ideal for exchanging information with customers and interested parties and for presenting your own products. The potential for successful advertising is immense: via social networks, you increase your reach, inform your customers more efficiently and benefit from the opportunities to acquire new customers. 

That said especially LinkedIn is a great way to meet decision makers in your field, but be aware that most people don’t want to be bothered with a sales pitch right from the start. Thus, it’s better to build relationships than to assume that all contacts are guaranteed to result in sales. If they are interested, they will likely let you know. Introduce yourself and your offer, build a relationship without being pushy, and let it grow organically. In fact, you can ask them if they have a current contract and keep a record of when to get back to check in.

You could also get creative with webinars and presentations, and increase your online presence with posts on other platforms. You could make a YouTube channel. Some MSPs send out spam mailing lists/lead lists with invitations to webinars or demos. It really depends on what you have the time and energy for without it distracting you from the technical side, plus most MSPs have their own way of doing sales.


Regardless of what you decide, realize that there is no perfect strategy for getting started. Focus on quantity and consistency from the start.

Make a schedule for when and how you will try to contact potential customers. For example, call on Mondays, email on Tuesdays, post on social media every Wednesday, etc. Alternatively, you could commit to making at least 50 cold calls a day, every day, until it becomes too busy for you to keep it up. This will help you to become a better networker and serve you better in customer service. If you don’t have a list already, get a phone book. Cold calling is solitary, hard work, and you most likely won’t want to do it. But you should always remember that there are people in your field NOW who have IT issues and would gladly pay for your help if they talked to you, but they just don’t know you. Those are the people you are looking for. No need to convince everyone you talk to that they need your help…. only 1 out of 100. 

As stated earlier, staying in people’s minds is an important part of this business. So remember BE CONSISTENT.


The first customer may be hard to attract, but don’t offer your services for free or give a high discount. This may look like a profitable way to attract customers, but this tactic only results in diminishing the perceived value of your business. Customers will push MSPs to even lower prices if it appears that the MSP is willing to offer a reduced price to get the customer to sign the contract.

Discounts must be offered in the right way. If a customer insists on getting a discount, you can remove some services from your packages to lower the prices. This way, the value of your packages is preserved, your workload is reduced, and your customer can remove some unnecessary services from the packages – a win-win situation for both sides.


With an RMM solution, you can remotely monitor your customers’ IT infrastructures and systems, saving MSPs time, money and resources. Instead of traveling to the customer site to determine the status of devices and networks, technicians can check everything remotely. This allows you to monitor and manage multiple accounts in real time and proactively address issues by holistically examining customer systems through an RMM’s management console. RMM software also enables MSPs to automate routine tasks such as software patching, which reduces the likelihood of human error (e.g., technicians missing customer endpoints).

MSP without RMM would be like a car mechanic without any tools.

Choosing the right RMM solution for your needs takes a little work. All the benefits of an RMM Tool you can read in this article. The benefits of RMM software for MSPs are so numerous that it is not surprising that most MSP companies have already implemented a similar solution. Enterprises have unique needs and requirements and no software platform can be perfect in such a situation. It is pointless to try to find an ideal off-the-shelf software system that meets all your business needs. The smart thing to do would be to modify the application for your specific needs, worker skill levels, budget, and other factors. For these reasons, do not hurry and invest in well-publicized trendy solutions. Though these may be widely used, they may not be the best fit for your particular wants. If you have not yet decided on a solution, XEOX is a must try.

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