Port-Based NAC

Ensure security with XEOX’s PNAC module.

Robust Network Security

XEOX offers robust network security capabilities with its Port-Based NAC (Network Access Control) feature. This feature actively denies network access to unregistered devices while simultaneously notifying the IT team. In addition to denying unauthorized entries, NAC helps in assigning the correct VLAN to switch-ports based on the type of device for simplified LAN management. It also maintains records of all LAN activities, thereby enhancing your compliance and auditing processes. XEOX also supports all LAN devices, Voice-VLAN, dynamic VLAN allocation, a multi-site concept, email notifications, and network documentation.

Authentication Report XEOX
Vlan Assignment XEOX

VLAN Management

With XEOX, managing multiple VLANs becomes a breeze. While small companies typically create only one or two VLANs, like one for internal use and another for guests, XEOX ensures this allocation is automatic to the switch-port. This ensures that devices are always placed in the appropriate VLAN. Unknown devices are either denied access or assigned to a guest VLAN. PNAC works on all switches supporting IEEE 802.1X.

Network Visualization

For a holistic view of your IT infrastructure, XEOX offers a comprehensive network visualization feature. XEOX allows you to view the overall layout of your network, including individual devices, their connections, switches, and firewalls. With this feature, you can create and download an extensive map of your network infrastructure, thus providing you with a simple and effective tool to both understand and manage your networking landscape.

Network Report XEOX

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