Port-Based NAC

Ensure security with XEOX’s PNAC module.

Network security

The Port-Based NAC (Network Access Control)  feature denies network access to unregistered devices and alerts IT. It assigns the appropriate VLAN to switch-ports based on the device, simplifying LAN management. It also keeps records of all LAN activity for compliance and auditing.

PNAC Features

  • Dynamic VLAN allocation

  • Supports Voice-VLAN

  • Easy to install

  • Network documentation

  • Supports all LAN-devices

  • Mail notification

  • Multi-site concept

Manage multiple VLANs

In small companies, typically only one or two VLANs are created, one for internal use and one for guests. The VLAN is automatically assigned to the switch-port, ensuring that devices are always placed in the correct VLAN. Unknown devices are either denied access or, as previously mentioned, assigned to a guest VLAN.

Network Visualization

XEOX allows you to view the overall layout of your network and individual devices, connections, switches, and firewalls. This enables you to create a comprehensive map of your network infrastructure and download it.

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