Streamline your IT management with ease

Optimized patch management, secure remote access, seamless software deployment, task automation and scripting and a comprehensive CMDB to keep an eye on your IT assets. Reduce your workload using XEOX.

Join 1000+ happy customers who are optimising their IT operations and increasing their productivity with XEOX.

Automate the entire patch management process

Our patch management solution simplifies and ensures reliability, no matter where your endpoints are. It automatically detects missing updates, promptly installs them on various endpoints, and maintains an overview of your compliance status.

Automation in XEOX
Remote Access in XEOX

Secure Remote Access

Experience rock-solid remote access, which eliminates the need to open incoming ports or use VPN, and is backed by stringent security measures including MFA, role-based access and robust encryption. Our solution also offers easy and flexible access through web access from any device, without the need for client downloads.

Remote support

Provide interactive remote support securely to your remote users directly through your web browser, irrespective of your location. Offer attended remote access with customizable user consent options

Unattended access

Access remote servers securely from any location, without the need to expose RDP, other inbound ports, or VPNs, prioritizing the highest level of security and eliminating unnecessary risks.

Unify your IT Asset Management

Implement automated inventory management for your Windows workstations and servers to obtain precise, real-time insights into your managed hardware and software assets. With comprehensive inventory management software, you are able to understand the devices you possess, their configurations, software utilization, and identify devices that require an upgrade.

Asset Management in XEOX


Asset Management/CMDB

Maintain a complete overview of all the assets in the organisation.

Software Distribution

Seamlessly deliver software to your endpoints.

Patch Management

Regularly perform patch deployment to keep endpoints up to date.

Remote Access

Experience rock-solid remote access.


Run scripts, upload inventory and patch management

Port-based NAC

Get alerts when unknown devices connect to your network.

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XEOX offers a solution that helps companies proactively monitor networks, endpoints and devices remotely.

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