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XEOX is a cloud based remote management and monitoring tool with integrated patch management, CMDB & Inventory (Configuration Management Database) unit for your Microsoft Windows server and client infrastructure, software distribution, network management and much more. It is a central place where you can maintain the IT landscape of all computers and servers, within your company and keep track of the inventory and software.
XEOX encapsulates all essential tasks of IT-Management and helpdesk in a centralized software tool and therefore automatizes routine tasks.
Simple and fast
XEOX was developed to take IT management to a new level. It is fast, accessible from anywhere and easy to use thanks to our modern user interface.

Ensure everything is under control at all times

The easy to use web interface of XEOX is available on all devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets and allows you to monitor and manage all IT assets on-the-go.
Our all-in-one solution provides tools for device and network monitoring, alerting, auditing, patching, reporting, task automation, scripting, and so much more.

Endpoint Management for Pros

XEOX will save your business money because it cuts down costly help desk calls. It will alert your IT support staff to potential risks so they can be fixed as quickly as possible.
There is no need for your users to wait for something to break down before the support team spots a problem. With our reporting tools you are able to react as quickly as possible and in just a few steps.


Task automation facilitates many routine maintenance tasks, freeing up IT support for more complex jobs. XEOX will improve your staff efficiency.
With our integrated patch management solution you will be able to schedule when updates will be installed to minimize disruption times.




Maintain a complete overview of all the assets in the organisation.

Software Distribution

Seamlessly deliver software to your endpoints.

Network Management

Document subnets, DNS, DHCP scopes and firewall.


Always keep track of your company’s assets.

Task Automation

Run scripts, upload inventory and patch management

Port-based NAC

Get alerts when unknown devices connect to your network.

Endpoint Management

Monitor endpoints to increase your efficiency.

Mobile App

Monitor and manage all IT assets on-the-go with any mobile device.

Patch Management

Regularly perform patch deployment to keep endpoints up to date.

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Update & Job Center

$ 1 per agent/month
  • Update & Job Center
  • Secure Patching
  • Reporting
  • Software Deployment