Fast and Easy Software Distribution for all your Devices

Reduce time and costs through automated software distribution.

Software Deployment

In large companies, the process of launching a software rollout can be challenging. Due to the ever increasing endpoints within your company, software distribution is very time consuming. XEOX allows for automatic distribution and installation of software packages throughout the network, without user input and from a centralized location, making it more efficient.


XEOX’s software distribution tool allows you to:

  • Automatically distribute software to newly added users/computers
  • Central location for the storage of all software packages
  • Save work time by automatic distribution
  • Update software templates automatically

Total Control

XEOX’s user-friendly interface allows for scheduling of software distribution to each endpoint in the appropriate order, taking into account technical dependencies. This can be accomplished with just a few clicks, and can be used to set up an entire department. XEOX will then perform the task at the scheduled time, without disrupting the user during work hours.

Install applications with ease

XEOX enables installation of applications on all individual computers, either by using one of its pre-packaged applications or by creating custom installation packages.

Our Features

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