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Everything at a glance

XEOX is an efficient platform that gives you a comprehensive view of all the software currently installed across your network. With XEOX, you can easily track and identify the version of each installed software, along with visibility of which devices are operating them. The platform’s intuitive design helps streamline the organization of crucial information. In addition to this, XEOX offers you the ability to generate a software report for easy reference. This feature enables you to filter and sort your data according to the specific software installed, letting you harness the power of effective data organization when you need it most.

Make use of Chocolatey

Bid farewell to outdated on-premises repositories and insecure community-maintained public repositories. XEOX advocates for a modern approach by facilitating the deployment of the most popular third-party applications via the Chocolatey Package Manager. Chocolatey hosts an ever-growing, up-to-date, and ready-to-deploy collection of applications, ensuring that your software ecosystem remains current, secure, and reliable. Installation, uninstallation, and updates of third-party providers, presenting administrators with a comprehensive list of installed software and corresponding device counts, all without the need for VPNs for remote, off-site patching can be done with Chocolatey.

Create Bundles

Optimize your software installation process with the innovative capabilities of XEOX. Recognizing the need for efficiency in device setup, XEOX enables you to create customized software bundles. These bundles allow you to group together certain combinations of software, paving the way for simultaneous installation across your device. This feature effectively eliminates the need for individual installations, thereby saving you precious time. With XEOX, you can focus more on your core tasks, knowing that your software management is more streamlined and user-friendly than ever before.

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