Remote Access in just a few Clicks!

Easily access and manage Windows devices remotely directly in XEOX!

Remote Access in just a few Clicks!

Easily access and manage Windows devices remotely directly in XEOX!

Remote Access in XEOX

XEOX Remote

XEOX Remote is our company’s dedicated remote monitoring tool, seamlessly integrated into the XEOX platform. It’s designed to work effortlessly for every XEOX user without the need for any extra accounts or installations.

Why XEOX Remote?

XEOX remote offers a number of functions that make life easier for our customers

  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Terminal
  • Remote Support

Experience rock-solid remote access without the need to open incoming ports or use VPNs. Backed by stringent security measures including multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control, and robust encryption. Enjoy easy and flexible access through the web from any device, without client downloads.

Support your customers quickly and easily with our integrated remote support solution. Access all your servers unattended at any time with just one click.

Provide interactive remote support securely to your remote users directly through your web browser, irrespective of your location. Offer attended remote access with customizable user consent options.

Access remote servers securely from any location, without needing to expose RDP, other inbound ports, or VPNs. This ensures the highest level of security and eliminates unnecessary risks.


  • Streamlined Remote Access

  • Secure Connections

  • Efficient IT Management

Other Integrations

XEOX offers a variety of remote access integrations to make accessing your devices as easy as possible:

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