Powerful Automation for Patch Management

Improve security and compliance with automated, easy-to-use patch automation

OS Patching for Windows Devices

XEOX’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) database, which enables you to store all your information about hardware, software and user assets in one central location. Advanced search features allow you to use various filters to locate specific assets in the database.

  • Improve overview of IT resources
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Support IT management

Automate your patch management

XEOX’s broad patch management automation software makes it possible to save time and improve patch compliance levels. With XEOX you have full control over the patching processes for your organization, location and devices. Minimize time by using the automated scanning and patching features and keep your endpoints secure.

Check patch compliance levels

With XEOX’s reporting features, you can gain insight into your compliance levels and patch success rates. Reporting activities include:

  • Patch status
  • Pending patches
  • Failed patches
  • Patch enablement
  • Patch compliance

Find the gaps that threats exploit

XEOX fills the gaps in Microsoft’s operating system by constantly scanning for missing patches, which could be a security risk for your company.

Be smart,
use XEOX.