Powerful Automation for Patch Management

Improve security and compliance with automated, easy-to-use patch automation

OS Patching for Windows Devices

XEOX’s patch management allows administrators to control updates for operating systems, platforms, and applications.

This includes identifying areas for improvement or fixes, creating updates, releasing the updates, and ensuring they are properly installed. Patch management is a crucial aspect of IT system lifecycle management, and an efficient process can greatly benefit a company. XEOX can assist with this by providing the following benefits:

  • A heightened level of security
  • No unnecessary fines
  • Continued product innovation

Automate your patch management

XEOX’s patch management automation software enables efficient use of time and increased compliance with patching. It provides full control over the patching processes for your organization, location, and devices. With XEOX, you can save time by utilizing automated scanning and patching, and keep your endpoints secure.

Check patch compliance levels

XEOX’s reporting features allow you to have an understanding of your compliance levels and the success rate of patches. Reporting activities include:

  • Patch status
  • Pending patches
  • Failed patches
  • Patch enablement
  • Patch compliance

Never miss new patches

XEOX identifies missing patches in Microsoft’s operating system by regularly scanning. These patches are crucial as they enhance security on devices, reducing the risk of hacking. By using XEOX, this risk can be significantly reduced.

Be smart,
use XEOX.


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