Powerful Automation for Patch Management

Boost security effortlessly: Automated patching, real-time assessments, and custom application updates. No VPN needed for remote patching, ensuring consistent OS updates on all workstations and servers.

Keep your systems up-to-date

Fix security vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications before they are exploited by threat actors and automate the patching process per patch management best practices by identifying missing updates, testing, approving, scheduling and deploying patches, as well as generating status reports.

Detect new Updates

Instantly view pending OS and application patches on specific machines, whether categorized by an endpoint or through an update. Stay informed about upcoming Windows updates and be alerted to missing software patches ready for deployment.

Make it easier for your employees

Streamline the entire patching process through automation, allowing your emplyees to concentrate on other tasks.

Automation in XEOX
Auto Update XEOX

Whenever you want

Organize patches by how important they are for security. Decide when to put updates in place to follow your patching rules. Split patches between really important and less important devices. Make sure not to update things at the same time to avoid problems and keep users working smoothly.

Select which device gets which update

Test patches before the rollout per established patch management best practices. Approving patches before deploying them is easy, too: specify whether updates have to be manually approved or choose to deploy all critical security patches automatically. Or use lists to block specific updates onspecific devices.

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