XEOX vs. N-able (formerly Solarwinds)
XEOXN‑able RMMN‑able
Full Asset ManagementYesYesPartial
Patch ManagementYesYesYes
Software RolloutYesYesYes
Customer ServiceYesYesYes
Cloud HostedYesYesNo
Deploying without scriptingYesNoYes

XEOX was founded in 2001, with Headquarters in Villach, Austria. XEOX is a cloud-based remote management and monitoring tool with integrated patch management, configuration management database (CMDB) and inventory management for your Microsoft Windows server and client infrastructure, software distribution, network management and much more. The solution is a central place where you can manage the IT landscape of all computers and servers that belong to your organisation and track inventory and software.

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Solarwinds was founded in 2000 and established itself as a pioneer in the field of managed services. Following major security problems in 2020, the name of SolarWinds was changed to N-able.

N‑able RMM
(formerly Solarwinds MSP RMM)


N‑able N-central

N-able RMM is cloud only. N-able N-central is cloud or self-hosted.

Both products offer different approaches to solve a similar problem. Due to the different approaches, each of these tools has different functions and associated advantages and disadvantages!




XEOXN‑able RMMN‑able N-central
Desktop Pricing$ 1.00No data**No data**
Server Pricing$ 1.00No data**No data**
Minimum PriceNoneNoneNo data**
Additional CostsNoneNo data**None
End AnytimeYesNo
the contract duration is at least 1 year
the contract duration is at least 1 year
* The lines that are marked in bold are the best in the respective category.
** N-able ( formerly Solarwinds) is not transparent in pricing, so we can’t provide clear numbers.


XEOX is a Pay-As-You-Go service. There are no long-term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month by month or once a year for the number of devices you manage and which modules you activated. At XEOX we want to make RMM tools available to everyone, so there is no monthly minimum to use our RMM tool. Also, there are no additional or hidden costs, you always pay $1 per active agent. For more details see here.

Users of XEOX can choose between a monthly or an annual plan. The price per month for an active agent is $1. With the XEOX annual plan, the XEOX team gifts you 2 months of free XEOX use.

N-able is not transparent with the exact composition of its prices or if and when you pay less or more. This means that interested parties cannot find out in advance how much they would have to pay. Thus, you can not compare the cost of XEOX and N-able you would pay with each other.

XEOX - Streamline your IT management with ease

In XEOX’s CMDB devices can be selected arbitrarily – of course also mobile devices – so that you can build your inventory.

Patching in XEOX is very flexible. We use our own product – WuInstall – which allows us to respond to the needs of our customers even better. 

XEOX is all about saving your time and nerves. That’s why one of the top priorities of our Job Editor is intuitive access and avoiding high complexity or abstraction. Since it is based on an almost pure graphical interface, it eliminates possible frustration factors such as a lot of typing, complicated language syntax and related errors. All interactive objects can be easily transferred from one project to another and recombined there.

At XEOX, we don’t think it’s going to do you or us any good to have a big agent full of things you don’t need. We also show our transparency with our agent. It is deliberately kept as small as possible and does not contain any functions that are hidden from you.

Most customers and co workers use mobile devices to access digital media whenever and from wherever they are. With XEOX’s mobile app you can identify and resolve issues remotely and use all XEOX features as you would from your desktop.




Various agentsNoYes (Windows and Linux)
Feature releasesEvery 3 weeksNo data
Customizable FieldsYesNo
Remote Control with PowershellYesNo
* N-able = N-able RMM & N-able N-central

XEOX is primarily a tool for companies. From our experience, we found that most companies use a Windows operating system. That’s why we currently focus on making this one agent flawless and easy to use. However we are working on a Linux and MacOS Agent.

In this article we have highlighted some of the main differences of XEOX and N-able (formerly Solarwinds). But we at XEOX do not believe that any RMM tool is better or worse, some are simply better for your use. All RMM tools can help you in your work. It is also possible to use two RMM Tools. One main tool and a second tool for your backup server. 

             We are looking forward to your suggestions and for any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at support@xeox.com 


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