XEOX vs. Atera

When you compare tools side by side, it is easy to find Atera alternatives.
Consider Atera and XEOX: At first glance, these platforms seem to have the same features and similar tool sets. However, if you look closely, you will find that there is a huge difference between the two, just like the obvious difference between a one-week vacation and one week full of working. Check out the full feature comparison below, or read this analysis why XEOX might be the better solution for your problem.


Full Asset ManagementYesNo
Patch ManagementYesYes
Task ExecutionUnlimitedUnlimited
Software RolloutYesYes
Customer ServiceYesYes


The biggest difference is not in pricing or in the number of features either of these platforms has to offer, but in the way the data is collected and the level of insights you can get with either.


Additional Charges for specific productsNoYes
Generated costsPrice per machinePrice per technician
Monthly planYesYes
Annual planYesYes

The good – You can have as many technicians as you want, the price will not go up because of that.

The bad – Adding more machines will raise the costs.

To consider – If more machines are added, the amount is usually billed to the customer, with the per technician model, you have to factor in the additional cost somewhere.

The good – Theoretically, a technician can manage an unlimited number of machines. Practically speaking, however, there is always a limit to how many devices one person can manage and not lose the time saved by using the tool.

The bad – The minute you add another technician to your team you double your cost, add 2 and your cost tripples.

To consider  – If more machines are added, the amount is usually billed to the customer, with the per technician model, you have to factor in the additional cost somewhere.

With the Atera annual plan you save on average of 13 € per month/per technician.

With the XEOX annual plan, the XEOX team gifts you 2 months of free XEOX use.

XEOX - Streamline your IT management with ease

How XEOX stands out

In XEOX’s CMDB devices can be selected arbitrarily – of course also mobile devices – so that you can build your inventory.

Patching in XEOX is very flexible. We use our own product – WuInstall – which allows us to respond to the needs of our customers even better. 

XEOX is all about saving your time and nerves. That’s why one of the top priorities of our Job Editor is intuitive access and avoiding high complexity or abstraction. Since it is based on an almost pure graphical interface, it eliminates possible frustration factors such as a lot of typing, complicated language syntax and related errors. All interactive objects can be easily transferred from one project to another and recombined there.

At XEOX, we don’t think it’s going to do you or us any good to have a big agent full of things you don’t need. We also show our transparency with our agent. It is deliberately kept as small as possible and does not contain any functions that are hidden from you.

Most customers and co workers use mobile devices to access digital media whenever and from wherever they are. With XEOX’s mobile app you can identify and resolve issues remotely and use all XEOX features as you would from your desktop.

Fine points

Possible simultaneous signupsUnlimited1
Various agentsNoYes
Feature releasesEvery 3 weeksEvery 3 or 4 weeks

Technicians typically use multiple devices, so it would be counterproductive if you can log in with one device and not use another at the same time.

Tags are the optimal solution if you don’t want all devices to have the same features or the same updates at the same time. This means that the devices can work independently of each other. 

XEOX is primarily a tool for companies. From our experience, we found that most companies use a Windows operating system. That’s why we currently focus on making this one agent flawless and easy to use. However we are working on a Linux and MacOS Agent.

In this article we have highlighted some of the main differences of XEOX and Atera. But we at XEOX do not believe that any RMM tool is better or worse, some are simply better for your use. All RMM tools can help you in your work. It is always a smart solution to use two RMM Tools. One “main” tool and one as a kind of backup server. 

             We are looking forward to your suggestions and for any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at support@xeox.com 


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