Understanding is the be-all and end-all: Identifying risks from IT security gaps

IT security breaches and resulting data loss pose a major financial risk to companies. The same is true for attacks by cyber criminals. Despite this, awareness is low in many companies and businesses are unknowingly exposing themselves to high risks. We reveal 6 tips for increasing IT security awareness among your customers:

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Show your customers the concrete risks of a lack in IT security

Numerous studies show a lack of awareness of the risks of incomplete IT security in many companies. Only when customers are made aware of the massive risks to business success do they become more aware and willing to secure their IT security through professional support. We recommend to show the risks with concrete examples for the specific company.

  • Show three concrete scenarios: Analyze for the customer which three main risks for their company result from gaps in IT security.
  • Explain the potential impact of the scenarios for the company.
  • Offer a concrete IT security solution that reliably averts these dangers.


Many customers need a tangible “shot across the bow” to understand that IT security is not a diffuse construct, but directly affects their own company and deserves priority.

IT security is not your customers' core business

Wondering why many companies do so little for IT security? As an IT professional, IT security is part of your core business. For your customers, the situation is completely different! They are experts in completely different disciplines. In their day-to-day business, they deal with other products and services. Your customers may work with IT solutions on a daily basis, but their thinking and expertise revolves around other topics. For this reason, and due to a lack of information, your customers are often unaware of the scope of the issue. – As your IT partner, you can educate your customers and raise their awareness!

Financial risks due to gaps in IT security

The financial risks from gaps in IT security are greatly underestimated. Show your customers the monetary risks in concrete terms:

  • Loss of revenue due to interruption or shutdown of operations.
  • Fines in the event of data protection breaches (e.g., due to data theft).
  • Indirect costs due to loss of image or damage to reputation.
  • Lowering of creditworthiness due to lack of IT security concept.
  • Blackmail in the event of data theft or cyber attacks.


If your customer becomes aware of these high risks to business success, their willingness to take concrete action will increase.

IT security and productivity: inextricably linked

Ordering, merchandise management, customer communication, production planning – hardly any process in a company functions without IT. Problems in IT processes have a direct impact:

  • Malfunctions & error messages
  • slowed down processes
  • improved functions are not rolled out


Productivity in work processes decreases directly. Explain to your customer the connection between stable, secure IT systems and productivity in their business.

IT security: prerequisite for data protection

When the EU Data Protection Regulation came into force, data protection and the correct handling of personal data became the focus of many companies. The legal framework for collecting and using data was studied in detail and implemented in processes.

However, many decision-makers are not aware of the connection between IT security and data protection. The security infrastructure provides the technical framework to protect personal data. Data protection breaches are often related to IT security vulnerabilities. – Clearly communicating this fact is an important task in the education of IT security concepts.

Patching protects against system failures

Patching provides excellent basic protection for corporate IT. Teach your customers the benefits of institutionalized patch management. With patching, software updates are automatically delivered and installed. Security gaps and errors are consistently cleaned up and stable IT operations are ensured. A complete system failure due to security gaps or software errors hardly ever occurs with regular patching.


If you make your customers aware of the risks of a lack of patch management in IT security, you will increase awareness among your business partners. Combine this new awareness with concrete IT security concepts, and you will be heard and can work together with your customer on stable IT security.

Try XEOX and make your life easier!

XEOX is a cloud based modern remote monitoring and management software solution for IT teams and professionals to gain better visibility and control over all critical assets in their company’s or customer’s IT environment. This advanced RMM tool allows to manage various IT assets automatically and remotely from a central location using any device.

The software is equipped with tools that streamline repetitive IT support and management tasks. It enables automated deployment and installation of software packages to endpoints, computers and users without causing disruption. XEOX simplifies patch management processes with instant endpoint scanning, patch distribution and patch compliance reporting capabilities.

IT teams and professionals gain a complete and clear view of their entire network. They can monitor the activity of users and devices connecting to VLAN networks and receive notifications about switch port status and availability. Efficient endpoint management also allows them to detect and fix problems on their Windows endpoints immediately. XEOX also has a mobile app that allows them to track and troubleshoot issues, perform tasks, and access important alerts anywhere.



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