How to really Fix Microsoft "Something went wrong. [1200]"

When you try to log in to your Outlook or OneDrive, are you troubled by the Microsoft logon error 1200 - Microsoft something went wrong 1200? Well, in this article from XEOX, we will show you several possible solutions to help you get rid of this problem.

Which Office applications are primarily affected?

In XEOX’s previous posts, we talked about a lot of OneDrive or Outlook errors, such as the OneDrive download slow issue, the “Outlook data file has reached the maximum size” error message, and so on. In this article, you can see how to fix OneDrive error something went wrong 1200 and something went wrong 1200 Outlook.

Many users have come across the Microsoft something went wrong 1200 bug. 

Here is a real example:

Please advised how we can fix the problem on

our outlook accounts. My laptop mother board was replaced with a new motehrboard, anf after the installation, I was not able to open all my emails installed usign the outllok application.

Error Something error [1200] or somethign went wrong

and outllok Send receive Progress pop up wiht Task sending reported error 0x80040115

Please advise how to fix these errors.

Why do I get the Microsoft logon error 1200?

There are a multitude of factors that might trigger the Microsoft sign-in error 1200, and we’ve outlined the most prevalent ones below:

  • The integrity of the browsing data file has been compromised. This is often due to corrupted browser cache and cookies, which are known to instigate the OneDrive error 1200 in Windows 11/10.
  • The file containing Microsoft credentials has been damaged.
  • Certain third-party applications may conflict with the Office program, causing issues.

How to parmantenly Fix Microsoft Something Went Wrong 1200!

Fix 1. Perform a clean boot of the computer

Third-party programs can sometimes interfere with your program’s operation or logon. Clean startup allows Windows to start with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This can help you determine if there is a background program that is preventing Microsoft programs from logging on or running normally.

If found, you can disable or uninstall the third-party program.

Fix 2. Clean the Windows Registry

According to the Internet, deleting the Identity registry key using the Windows Registry Editor is also an effective way to resolve the Microsoft something went wrong 1200 issue. 

Fix 3. Disconnect Work and School accounts

Look for any work or school accounts that are currently connected to your PC, if you find any. 

Having the work and school account connected to your PC, you will likely face issues during the sign-in process of your Microsoft account.

In my case this was the solution to fix the issue.

Fix 4. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

Try clearing cookies and cache data of your browser. The cache data may be corrupted, causing this issue.  Here is a quick guide on how to do this:

Step 1. In Google Chrome, click the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner and select Settings.

Step 2. In the top search bar, type cache, and press Enter

Step 3. In the pop-up window, click Clear browsing data. Then check all the options under the Basic tab and click the Clear data button.

Step 4. Wait for the cleanup process to complete and then re-sign into your Microsoft account to check if the 1200 error has gone.

Fix 5. Clear Cached Credentials File

When Microsoft something went wrong 1200 error is caused by credentials, the best way to fix it is to clear or remove the cached credentials file. Here are the major steps.

Step 1. Press Windows + R key combinations to open the run command line window.

Step 2. In the text box, type %localappdata% and press Enter.

Step 3. In File Explorer, find and double-click the Microsoft folder, then right-click the Credentials folder to select Delete.

Step 4. Restart your computer and check whether you can log in to your Microsoft account successfully.

Fix 6. Verify Account Credentials

Check if you are entering the right account credentials, i.e., your user id and password. Try entering your old password and check if that works. However, if it doesn’t work, click on forgot password and follow the steps to recover your password.

Fix 7. Check Server Status

Check the Microsoft Server status, as the servers may be under maintenance or facing downtime. You can also follow @MSFT365Status on Twitter to check if they’ve posted about ongoing maintenance. If many people have the same issue, the server may face downtime.


There are multiple solution to fix this error. If none of these steps resolve the issue, it might be necessary to provide more specific error details or seek assistance from Microsoft Support or a professional technician to diagnose and fix the problem further.

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