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How to easily use remote access (with XEOX)

In today’s digital environment, businesses across the globe leverage a plethora of tools and software. However, this increasing affinity for digital applications necessitates sound IT management, encompassing the ability to access different resources and tools remotely, paving the way to transcend geographical constraints. Whether you’re a business leader spearheading a remote team or an IT professional responsible for safeguarding the integrity of various systems, remote access can be a game-changer. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can seamlessly use remote access with XEOX, an IT management solution that stands head and shoulders above the rest owing to its simplicity and effectiveness.


The benefits of TeamViewer, a remote access tool, need little introduction. It empowers small to large business enterprises to establish remote connections with any of their computers with just one click. XEOX boosts this user-friendly accessibility, offering an extensive TeamViewer integration, designed to augment your software functionality. All that’s required to set this up is your TeamViewer API token. Simply log onto your XEOX account (admin access required), click on Administration → Integrations, navigate to the TeamViewer tab, insert your API token, and click save.

To enhance your convenience, we recommend using a neutral TeamViewer account, detached from any specific user. This helps to evade potential complications with TeamViewer integration, particularly if that particular user exits your company. After the successful setup of the API token, TeamViewer can be accessed via XEOX either through CMDB or the Update Center.

Windows Remote Assistance

XEOX’s impressive repertoire of integrated tools includes the Windows Remote Assistance, conveniently operational on any Windows device connected to a local network. Its zero-installation requirement is another feather in its cap. Initiate the Windows Remote Assistance through your CMDB or the Update Center by selecting “Start Windows Remote Assistance (local network)”., similar to Windows Remote Assistance, requires no installations and easily integrates with XEOX for smooth remote assistance operations. Use this integration by opting for the “Start” option present in your CMDB or Update Center on your XEOX account.


AnyDesk, another widely-used remote access tool, smoothly integrates with XEOX. Upon successful installation of AnyDesk from the AnyDesk website, it can be accessed by navigating to CMDB and choosing the device with which you want to establish a connection.

XEOX Remote

Finally, XEOX doesn’t lag behind when it comes to providing its very own remote tool – XEOX Remote, again, requires no installations and provides the option to adjust to various settings, offering a tailor-fit solution to meet your requirements.

Remote Connection XEOX

XEOX’s remote access integrations, along with its native remote functionality, make it a versatile and powerful tool par excellence for IT management. Right from remotely supporting your team, managing a remote team, or simply optimizing your time and resources, XEOX has a solution for every challenge. Feel free to explore more on XEOX’s help page for integrations or check out our other integrations.

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