XEOX Remote Assistance

XEOX’s native solution to support your users via remote access.

XEOX's native solution allows you to:

  • Quick help for problems with endpoints.
  • Find the optimal solutions with XEOX to best align your tasks.
  • Help no matter where, no matter when.
  • Customer confidence is built by the ability to contact remotely and get help quickly.
  • A single program for all your needs. Help users in your network.

One program – one solution. Find the optimal solution quickly, with direct access. Whether automation, task execution, job creation, etc., everything is possible with the use of XEOX’ Remote Access.

No additional costs or downloads! XEOX’s build-in nativ Remote Assistance is the perfect solution if you do NOT want to pay additional costs for 3rd party solutions.

Full control of endpoints wherever and whenever you are working. You don’t have to switch back and forth between different applications to help users. 

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