XEOX + Windows Remote Assistance (MSRA)

The free one-click ability to connect to any device within the XEOX console via MSRA.

The XEOX and MSRA integration allows you to:

  • Quick help for trouble points with XEOX and Windows Remote Assistance.
  • Help no matter where, no matter when.
  • Customer trust is built with the possibility of remote contact and quick help.
  • Fast remote support to find the root cause of your endpoint issues.

Ways to Use the Integration

With direct access swiftly to the optimal solution. Whether automation, task execution, job creation, etc., everything is possible with the use of XEOX & TeamViewer.

Align with the needs of your customers! With the free solution from Microsoft in combination with XEOX, you always get the ideal solution.

Remotely control endpoints no matter where you’re currently located. You no longer have to switch back and forth between different applications when accessing your endpoint users remotely.

Get started with XEOX and MSRA

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