Eliminate Manual Tasks and Focus on Work that Matters

A new transparent and efficient way to organize all tasks

Simplify job scheduling

With XEOX’s task automation feature it is no longer necessary to manually script because jobs are automatically initiated by other Windows tasks. Creating a job is as easy as dragging the required job into the graphical workflow and identifying the target machine from a drop down list.

Desktop and server management

XEOX streamlines your company’s desktop and server management processes, such as out-of-the-box script functions and automated time entries. It is also possible to maintain and manage multiple devices remotely.

Powerful Scripting

Additional task automation through our powerful scripting tool reduces work time. The scripts can be scheduled to automatically distribute to your IT Automation profiles or you have the option to run them manually per device. XEOX supports a variety of formats such as: PowerShell, Bash files, MSI, CMD files.

IT Automation and Scripting

Harness the power of XEOX’s IT automation tools to run recurring processes on schedule. By automating routine operations that happen several times a day, you can use your time for planning and strategic decision-making.

Be smart,
use XEOX.