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Network assessment

A systematic evaluation is carried out to assess your networks capabilities, in order to ensure that your business needs are met. This process reveals problems, areas for improvement and how to achieve this successfully.

  • Performance bottlenecks in the network are revealed
  • Identify and resolve security issues
  • Define resources that are underused or not used at all
  • Reduce average repair time


  • Smarter planning for large companies
  • Advanced alert system
  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • Better understanding through network insights
  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting

Switch monitoring

XEOX’s switch monitoring tool allows you to monitor the status and availability of all swith ports. Continuous monitoring of switch ports results in real time notifications in case of any problems on the switch. To avoid unnecessary alerts, it’s possible to specify critical ports that require monitoring. With XEOX you have a complete overview of all ports in the network.

IP address management

Locate IP addresses using any of its attributes. Configure recurring scans to automatically view IP address utilization, DHCP server configuration and IP Address Manager events. Quickly pinpoint what device had what IP address at a specific point in time to correlate the root cause of IP address space issues. You can also speed up troubleshooting by correlating IP space changes with IPAM events.

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