All-in-one Network Management Software

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Network assessment

XEOX conducts a systematic evaluation of your network to determine its capabilities and ensure that it meets your business needs. This process identifies issues, areas for improvement, and solutions for success.

  • Identify network performance bottlenecks
  • Identify and remediate security issues
  • Define unused or underused resources
  • Reduce average repair time


  • Smarter planning for large enterprises
  • Advanced Alert System
  • Network monitoring across multiple vendors
  • Better understanding through network insight
  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting

Switch monitoring

XEOX provides a way to keep track of the performance and accessibility of all switch ports through its monitoring tool. Real-time alerts are generated for any issues detected on the switch. To minimize unnecessary notifications, you can select specific, crucial ports for monitoring. XEOX gives you a comprehensive view of all ports within your network.

IP address management

Easily identify IP addresses by various characteristics, set up regular scans to monitor IP usage, DHCP server settings, and IPAM events. Determine the device associated with a specific IP address at a specific time to quickly identify the source of IP address problems. Quickly resolve issues by linking IP space changes with IPAM events.

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