Whatever – Whenever – Wherever

Full access and management of all your devices with XEOX’s mobile app.

Full mobile access

The majority of clients and colleagues utilize their mobile devices to consume digital content at any time and location.

XEOX’s mobile application allows you to troubleshoot and fix problems remotely while also providing full access to all XEOX functionality as if you were using a desktop computer.

Resolve issues quickly

XEOX’s mobile app allows you to quickly and efficiently address critical issues, regardless of your location. The app enables you to both detect and resolve problems as they occur, improving your overall productivity.

  • Approve or reject pending OS patches
  • Run scripts on demand
  • Start or stop services and processes

Get critical alerts

XEOX’s mobile app sends automatic alerts for critical issues. It allows you to customize the level of severity for notifications. On app’s dashboard you can see the following::

  • Detected threats
  • Patch and server status
  • Pending reboots
  • Active and running tasks

Supported on any device

XEOX’s mobile app provides your IT team with constant and comprehensive access to all XEOX features, regardless of the device being used.

Be smart,
use XEOX.