Powerful Management for Endpoints

Maintain a complete overview of your endpoints

Monitor data in real time

The best IT service providers don’t focus on problem solving but rather on preventing problems before they arise. In case of a problem with an endpoint, XEOX provides continuous monitoring and alerts you before a customer notices the problem. Different alerts can be set up for various issues taking priority and severity into consideration.

Management from any location

IT issues can occur 24/7 and therefore with XEOX you are able to resolve these problems from wherever you are. You can eliminate user interruption by solving the problem remotely because no company can afford to have downtimes during office hours.

Automated patching for windows

The biggest threat facing your IT network today are missing software or operating system patches. XEOX ensures that all your Windows endpoints are automatically patched.

  • Set up scan and update schedules

  • Automatically focus on the most critical security updates

  • Generate a detailed patch compliance report

In-depth insights into your cloud infrastructure

XEOX enables you to monitor and manage all your endpoints with a single application. Through constant monitoring of your devices, you are always up to date and are informed early about occurring warnings and errors.

Be smart,
use XEOX.