Track & Monitor your IT Inventory

Keep your hardware, software and user information in one place in XEOX’s Asset Management/CMDB

Central storage for all your information

XEOX’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which is based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, allows you to centralize all information about your hardware, software, and user assets for improved visibility and control. With advanced search functionality, you can easily locate specific assets using various filters.

  • Improve overview of IT resources
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Support IT management

Hardware inventory

The XEOX agent enables you to streamline your IT management by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Once installed on a device, the agent automatically syncs information such as memory, hard disk space, and other hardware details to XEOX’s CMDB. The CMDB also allows you to create custom assets or fields, giving you greater flexibility in tracking your IT inventory. With the ability to generate current status reports for your hardware, XEOX makes it easier to plan for equipment replacement and save time.

Implement your company structure

Maintain an overview of your company:

  • Utilize sites for managing locations
  • Establish departments
  • Assign employees to departments and locations by creating individual person profiles
  • Track the location of devices by assigning them to individual employees

Software Inventory

XEOX allows you to keep track of all software and applications in your network through its software inventory feature.

Software Inventory helps you stay informed of any changes or additions and ensures compliance with software audits at all times. The inventory includes a list of Windows applications installed on the devices, along with details such as the software name, version, and manufacturer.

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