Track & Monitor your IT Inventory

Keep your hardware, software and user information in one place in XEOX’s Asset Management/CMDB

Central storage for all your information

XEOX’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) database, which enables you to store all your information about hardware, software and user assets in one central location. Advanced search features allow you to use various filters to locate specific assets in the database.

  • Improve overview of IT resources
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Support IT management

Hardware inventory

Save time with the XEOX agent. Once installed on a hardware device, the device will automatically sync to XEOX’s CMDB.

You can collect complete hardware information such as memory, hard disk space and much more. XEOX’s CMDB allows you to create any type of custom asset or field you might require. Current status reports for your hardware help with planning for equipment replacement.

Implement your company structure

Maintain an overview of your company:

  • use sites for location management
  • set up departments
  • create a person for each employee, assign them to the department and location
  • assign hardware to the person and know exactly where the device is located

Software Inventory

Software inventory is a catalog of all software and applications that are functioning in your IT network. 

XEOX helps you stay on top of all the software-related changes or additions in your network and ensures that you’re software audit-ready at all times. You can view the list of Windows applications installed along with the software details like Software Name, Version and, Manufacturer. 

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