XEOX Receives Home IT Service Management Software Recognition from Acclaimed B2B Review Platform

XEOX has taken home a major award bestowed by an acclaimed B2B review platform.

FinancesOnline, one of today’s acclaimed B2B software marketplaces, acknowledged XEOX’s increasing IT service management software user base and popularity with its Rising Star Award. This award is given to newly established software companies that have quickly pulled off market validation.

Among other conventions, FinancesOnline delved into the increasing volume of positive reviews and social mentions of our product as a seal of customer satisfaction. Software specialists from FinancesOnline also published a XEOX features and benefits overview and figured that it improves visibility and control of all the vital assets in an IT department.

In their analysis, FinancesOnline’s software specialists applauded our product’s ability to automatically and virtually manage different IT assets from the main location using any device.These IT assets include software, hardware, VLANs, Windows servers, and endpoints.

The review brought up how XEOX allows IT professionals to store, retrieve, and manage all information and details related to IT through a consolidated configuration management database. Our IT service management software is also thoughtfully designed with tools that simplify tedious IT support and management duties. It allows for automated software deployment and installation across users, computers, and endpoints without any disruption. We modernize patch management procedures with instant endpoint scanning, patch deployment, and patch compliance reporting settings.

The review likewise took note of our product’s ability to provide IT departments with a full and clear view of their full network. They can oversee user activities and devices that are connected to VLAN networks. They can also receive alerts on the status and availability of switch ports. In addition, they can instantly determine issues to fix on their Windows endpoints through systematic endpoint management. We have a mobile app to track and resolve problems, implement tasks, and access important alerts from any location and time.

FinancesOnline also highlighted our app’s well-equipped dashboard, where users can see alerts about different events and problems. They will get notified of task, server, and patch statuses, as well as if there are any existing threats. There and then, they can act on concerns as soon as they arise. This entails commencing or terminating processes, handling scripts, or approving or declining pending patches.

All of these factors justified our inclusion in FinancesOnline’s list of IT service management software, a guide on the best software to use for planning and delivering IT services.

We would like to thank FinancesOnline for this recognition. Receiving awards from acclaimed organizations like this motivates us to provide more remote monitoring and management software solutions.
We would also like to extend our gratitude to our clients who have trusted us for their remote monitoring and management needs. We guarantee you that we will keep on carrying out the finest of services with more helpful offerings in the future so that you can refine your services and reduce stress on your employees. We hope that you will stay with us in the years to come.

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