Block Windows 11 Update

Since it’s release, Microsoft has offered the Upgrade to Windows 11 quite frequently to users who’s devices met the minimum requirements.
Although Microsoft has announced that it won’t force users to upgrade to Windows 11, it will get pushier as we get closer to Windows 10’s end of service.
If you are not ready to make the switch and want to block the Windows 11 upgrade from installing on your Windows 10 PC, XEOX is here to help.

Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade to Windows 11 Just Yet

Windows 11 is not perfect and not much of a bigger improvement than Windows 10 except in aesthetics. Since Windows 11 is relatively new, just like any other Windows operating system when they were newly released, it has its bugs, problems, and potential security risks.

Although Windows 10 on the other hand isn’t completely bug-free, it has been 5 years since it was released, so most of its bugs and problems have been fixed over the years. So it’s better to wait until Windows 11 bugs and other issues are fixed before you upgrade to it.

Besides, Windows 11 requires higher hardware requirements than any other Windows operating system before. For instance, Windows 11 needs 4GB RAM and 64GB hard disk space. This is double the RAM and storage space required to run Windows 10.

How to block the Update with XEOX

  • The Script Library in XEOX provides various scripts, that are already written and just need to be executed. You can enter the Script Library by opening the menu under Job Center and selecting Scripts.

  • Now you have to switch to the Script Library Tab.

  • In the Script Library you will find a Script called “Block Windows 11 (TargetVersion=21H2)”. It allows you to block windows updates. This Script is meant for the 21H2 Version of Windows.

  • It is also possible to copy the script and edit it in order to use it for another Version. Click Copy to “My Scripts” and then edit it.





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