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Call Tracking
An IT department often does not have guidelines how problems should be solved. It is not defined who is responsible, requests are not prioritized, solutions and the steps of the solving process are not documented. Without a documentation, it‘s hard to evaluate efficiency and quality of IT support.

With a call tracking system problems can be solved systematically. The arriving calls are transformed into tasks and these tasks are assigned to analysts. The analysts priorize and categorize them according to ITIL (incident, change, problem, query). Each process step is recorded and traceable. It‘s clear who worked how long on which task. With reports it is possible to evaluate if the agreed services are fulfilled (SLA - Service Level Agreement). The problem and its solution are documented. An accurate documentation allows to solve future problems faster and to improve quality and know-how. Assigning problems to software, hardware and persons helps to detect difficulties or problem areas and to find strategies how to avoid them. Furthermore, it allows to evaluate and allocate costs (internal accounting).
Analyzing processes and causes of problems creates a knowledge base which helps to improve the efficiency.

Integration in XEOX
Via an interface the call tracking system uses the central database of XEOX (CMDB) . in this database all information regarding hardware, software and persons is stored. Call handling or rather problem solving usually causes changes in the database. Due to the deep integration in XEOX the central CMDB is always up to date.
With the XEOX module Billing Call Tracking is integrated into the internal service accounting. The assignment and as a result the allocation of costs is transparent and analyzable.

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